That’s Bananas

Pretty much every time I go to the grocery store I get weird looks and/or negative comments about the contents in my shopping cart.  If I’m not judged for my child’s behavior/challenges, then I’m criticized on what I purchase while I’m there.

Why I get comments:banana-flower-w-watermark.aspx_

Apollo’s limited diet preferences mostly include blended, kid-safe, vegan, protein shakes; including a frozen, ripe banana.  He drinks at least 2 of these shakes daily, and therefore eats 2 frozen bananas every, single, day. Apollo’s not the only one in our family that loves shakes; Justin and I enjoy our daily shakes as well. Did I mention that these shakes are not only packed full of healthy ingredients, but they are also incredibly delicious? Mmm… my mouth is watering thinking about it.

A typical day:

Our household consumes a minimum of 3-5 frozen, ripe bananas daily.  This is not including any bananas we eat otherwise. Did I mention that we LOVE bananas? 

The keyword in this post is “ripe” bananas, which leads me to the reason why I get the weird looks at the grocery store… The process of purchasing, ripening, and freezing these delicious bananas must be completed before a shake can be made. The main problem with this entire process is the fact that it cannot happen in an instant and takes several days to be completed.

So, how many bananas DO I buy at a time?

I would say on a typical shopping trip I purchase at least 20-25 bananas. I know I know, that’s a LOT of bananas!

So, what does a typical (in-store) shopping experience look like? 

Yesterday, I was at the grocery store standing behind a gentleman in the checkout line. From what I could see he purchased 3 cases of beer, 4 cases of soda, and several bags of chips. No problem, right?  He did not have a single healthy item in his entire cart, and not a single person was phased. Once it was my turn, my groceries made their way down the conveyor-belt and I was soon met with the following conversation:

*with a blatant, deer-in-the-headlights facial expression*

Employee: “Wow… that’s a lot of bananas”.

*cricket, cricket*

Me: “Well, my son’s autistic, and bananas are one of the few foods he will eat, and the rest of my family loves bananas too, so we go through a lot of bananas.”

Employee: “Oh…”

*cricket, cricket*

*Awkward silence continued until she handed me my receipt*

Why I use self-checkout more often than not:

It should come as no surprise that I order majority of our household goods online and/ore use grocery pick-up.  But there are the few occasions where I have to physically go into the grocery store; during such occasions I typically use the self-checkout option (if available).  It doesn’t matter if I have an entire grocery cart full, or just a few items, I will use the self-checkout option. Why? Because on the more challenging days, the last thing that I want to hear is negative comments about my children or what is in my shopping cart.  I’m human, and I just do not want to add anymore negativity to my day.  At least in the self-checkout line, the only judgement I will receive is done so quietly, behind a camera; I’m ok with that!

Grateful for the shakes:

Even as I write this, I find myself incredibly grateful that Apollo will even drink a blended shake; that I’m able to hide healthy ingredients in it without changing the taste or texture much. I know some kids (on the spectrum) that will only eat junk food, and their parents are struggling to get any form of nutrients into their diet.  I credit Apollo’s good health to these shakes, and for that I am so grateful!


How many of you or your children have limited diet preferences? What works best for you? Let me know!




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