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Hey, everyone! I’m very excited to have my FIRST guest post on Apple Inspired Life! This post is special to me, because my family has greatly benefited from Grunge Goddess Soapworks (formerly Athena’s Soaps); I believe in them so much that I wanted to share them with all of you! If you or your children have skin sensitivities, or are interested in amazing, long-lasting homemade soaps, this is the post for you! Enjoy!   ♥ KayLa
grunge goddess soapworks
Hey, Apple Inspired Life readers! I’m so excited to be taking over KayLa’s blog for a day! If you follow KayLa, chances are you have sensitive children like she does. More often than not sensitive kids also have sensitive skin, sensitive tummies, allergies, or maybe even – gasp – sensitive mommies and daddies. I know I’m definitely on this touchy bandwagon.

Today’s post focuses on temperamental skin. It’s been quite a journey to embracing my own, and I want you to avoid the hardship I faced. I’m going to do some storytelling, steer you away from ingredients to avoid, and introduce you to the solutions I have perfected that I now humbly share with the world.

Myself and my daughter / Grunge Goddess Soapworks

I’ll introduce myself here. My name is Clarissa, and I’m the owner of Grunge Goddess Soapworks. Before we were mamas, KayLa and I met in college! I’m now a medical laboratory scientist by day, and I live with my boyfriend and our three year old daughter in Spokane, Washington.

Growing up, my mom had to be very careful with my skin. Bubble bath more than once a week? Rash. Wore a wet swim suit too long? Rash. Used regular soap at my friend’s house? Rash. That PABA stuff that used to be in sunscreen in the 90’s? And the miscellany of skin sensitivities I’ve developed even since I was little? WHOA. Nelly. Let’s keep that can of worms on the shelf.

If you or your littles suffer from problematic or sensitive skin, it can seem like a total burden. I want you to know that there’s NOTHING wrong with you or your babies! There’s something wrong with the environment you subject yourself to. We are becoming evermore sensitized to the products we use and world we live in because of all the toxic junk in it and our bodies just can’t take it anymore.

Ingredients to Avoid

Wasabi Tsunami / Grunge Goddess Soapworks

Be cognizant of the ingredients in all the products you buy and what you’re actually buying. Almost all “soaps” found in stores are actually detergents that can strip skin of its natural oils, so I recommend either handmade soap or Castile from the health food store. Chemicals to definitely steer clear of in store bought soap are SLS and SLES, parabens, triclosan, and fragrances containing pthalate. I also advise against buying products containing palm oil. It may be good for your skin, but it’s almost never sustainably sourced.

Why I Began Making Soap

Facial Soap
Enchanted – Clarifying Beauty Bar / Grunge Goddess Soapworks

About five years ago I went down the soapmaking rabbit hole to see if it would calm my skin and acne. Making soap was the perfect storm with my creative side and my chemistry degree, and I had so much fun creating my own gentle, wholesome soap unlike anything I had tried before! I wished I had this stuff around when I was growing up!

Shampoo Bar / Grunge Goddess Soapworks

I immediately made it my life’s mission to share my tried and true formulations with the world and to be an advocate for happy skin. I envision my line to be ever expanding, the newest addition being an SLS free shampoo bar for all hair and skin types that I can’t rave enough about.

If you have problematic or irritated skin, if you’re looking for non-toxic and earth friendly alternatives for your family, or if you just love having fun and funky designs in your self care routine, Grunge Goddess’ Soaps were made with tons of love for you.

Follow Me

To follow me or my soap company, check out Grunge Goddess Soapworks on Instagram and Facebook, or browse my shop at .

Alright, I’ll get off my soap box now – pun intended. I hope I’ve convinced you that it doesn’t have to be a constant battle against your skin if you treat it with love and respect!

Do you or a loved one have a stubborn sensitivity that’s giving you grief? I’d love to answer any questions you may have, skin related or otherwise!

♥ Clarissa

*Disclaimer: this is not a paid post, I honestly believe in the products enough to share them with all of you! While I love these products, I am not a doctor, so please discuss any concerns or changes to your care routine with a qualified healthcare professional prior to making them.*

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