You seriously need to try Grunge Goddess’ Soaps!

This is part 2 of Grunge Goddess Soapworks (formerly Athena’s Soaps) – the part where I share my own experience! I didn’t want the original post to be a super long read, so I thought I would give everyone the chance to take it all in, and look at the products – before sharing my first hand experience with sensitivities, and ultimately why I switched to Grunge Goddess Soapworks. 

If you missed the original post check it out HERE.

Why I switched to Grunge Goddess Soapworks!

I have suffered from skin sensitivities my entire life; horrid acne, eczema, keratosis pilaris (often referred to as ‘chicken skin’), combination skin, super oily scalp, etc. In addition to skin sensitivities, I’m also lactose intolerant, gluten intolerant, and have horrid environmental allergies.  One could say that my body is inflamed and at odds with itself and the environment – all of the time.
I’ve tried nearly every product recommended to me, every MLM company that sells soaps, and spent a small fortune on many different products with hopes that my skin and hair would eventually feel clean, moisturized and managable.
Shampoo Bar / Grunge Goddess Soapworks
The first time I used Grunge Goddess’ Shampoo Bar, I noticed a significant difference in my hair. I’m a sceptic by nature and am not wow’d very easily, but these products wow’d me.  For the first time in YEARS, I didn’t need to add leave-in conditioner, a split-end mender, or added oil on the ends of my hair to control the frizz and dryness (yes, I needed multiple products to manage my hair post shampoo & conditioner).  Grunge Goddess’ Shampoo Bar even made my hair soft enough that I could work the product through my hair, with my fingers, without making my hair a snarly mess. For the first time in years, my hair is managable,  requires WAY less product, and I can even go a couple days between washes without looking like a grease-ball; its the little things in life that really excite me!
Facial Soap
Enchanted – Clarifying Beauty Bar / Grunge Goddess Soapworks
For those that suffer from dry, sensitive, acne prone skin, I would also recommend the  Enchanted – Clarifying Beauty Bar; it leaves my face/body moisturized and clean without leaving a film/greasy feel behind.
After I tried the products, myself, I began using them on my sensitive children; and the soaps leave their hair and skin soft and clean; no rashes and no skin irritation.  
Lucky for you, when I find products that actually work for me, I become so excited that I feel the need to share my discovery with the world.  Athena’s soaps are affordable, last approximately 90 washes, environmentally friendly, and safe to use on the entire family – and they actually work!

If you do end up trying soaps from Grunge Goddess Soapworks, be sure to come back and let me know what you think!


Disclaimer: This is not a paid post. The content contained herein is based on my own personal opinions and experiences.

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