About Me

Thanks for joining me!

Hi all! I’m KayLa Apple. I’m just a small-town-girl from Colorado. Married to a Purple Heart USMC Veteran & blessed with 2 children with special needs. Here is where I talk about ASD/ADHD/SPD/Apraxia and all things Apple.

Growing up, I was not one to share much about my life experiences with just anyone, but the past few years have been filled many unexpected obstacles and challenges that without the help of brave souls sharing their stories, I would not be where I am today.  Caring for a child with special needs is not easy, but I hope that by sharing our family’s personal stories, beautiful moments, challenges and experiences that I am able to help raise awareness and perhaps help others the same way others have helped me. Let this be a safe place filled with support and constructive feedback.

Welcome to our life!