Why I let Apollo chew gum

So.... I did a thing! I created a YouTube channel (Apple Inspired Life: Confessions of an Autism Mom) to appease those of you that have asked for more videos! After trying to upload videos to multiple social platforms, I decided that a YouTube channel was the most effective way to post videos. Don't worry, I … Continue reading Why I let Apollo chew gum

Are YOU in denial?

Puzzling diagnoses, like Autism, can bring forth a flood of unexpected emotions. Some have to go through the 5 stages of grief before they reach acceptance - and some will never reach acceptance. This is our reality.

Is he seriously walking around with a pacifier in his mouth?

Unfortunately, society only accepts pacifier usage up until age 1; after that, parents are expected to pitch-the-paci in the garbage, kids are expected to have a smooth transition to paci-free life, and everyone is supposed to live happily-ever-after from that moment forward... right?!