Grunge Goddess Soapworks

If you have problematic or irritated skin, if you're looking for non-toxic and earth friendly alternatives for your family, or if you just love having fun and funky designs in your self care routine, Grunge Goddess' Soaps were made with tons of love for you.

The Blame Game

Blame is toxic, blame does nothing positive to help your life, or the situation you are in; in fact, blame never fixes anything, but can destroy families, relationships, homes, etc.  Blame is limit-less, until you set limits.  Think about it...

Self-Care is not Selfish

  How many of you parents out there have been told that ME time is selfish?  That ME time means that you are a bad parent, spouse, friend... a bad person? No? Just me? I used to think that any form of ME time was selfish, because I was told (by toxic people) that any form of … Continue reading Self-Care is not Selfish