Why I became an Orgain Ambassador®


Why I became an Orgain Ambassador®!

In 2016 our son, Apollo (who has ASD/SPD/ADHD/Apraxia), became an extremely picky eater; foods he once loved, he wouldn’t even touch anymore.  My husband, Justin, and I knew that Apollo needed more nutrition than he was getting from chicken nuggets, chips, and apples (and the gummy vitamins he would take); – at that point those were the only foods he would eat. The doctors were worried, we were worried – it was stressful.  I found myself desperate to find a supplement that would give him the nutrition he needed.  The problem that I found was that a lot of the supplements that were recommended for children as meal replacements/supplements were highly processed and came with highly questionable ingredients, artificial dyes/sweeteners, etc. I was appalled at how many products pump children full of junk and market it as healthy meal alternatives.


Research, Research, Research:

After extensive research, and finding MANY supplements that were recommended for children, but full of highly processed, artificial junk, then I FOUND ORGAIN®! Orgain® was a brand I had never heard of before.  At the time, a lot of people I knew were using MLM companies, paying for high dollar supplements (that were not organic), and were committing themselves to long-term obligations.  I wasn’t about to hand over $400 to a MLM company to sign up, nor commit myself to a long-term obligation, especially when I wasn’t sure if Apollo would even try it.

According to Orgain® founder, Dr. Andrew Abraham, Orgain® is a combination of ‘“Organic” and “Gain”… gain health, gain energy, and gain life”‘. These products are organic, clean supplements, have child safe options and require no commitment or obligations from you to order – order when needed!

People have their opinions on feeding a child a protein/superfood shake, and that’s ok, but please do your research about a brand, about the products, before you judge them. From my own comparative analysis, these supplements are filled with more nutrition in one shake, than a lot of Americans eat in an entire day. I would also rather have a happy, healthy child, than not.


Starting Small

I started off Apollo with a very small shake, and he loved it! When I couldn’t get him to eat what we were eating, I knew that he would always drink a shake; which was comforting to me. As he grew we introduced the Orgain® bars; cookie dough is his favorite!  Now, 3 years later and he still looks forward to his shake & bars – every day! Orgain® has been a health-saver for our family.

The Orgain® products taste amazing and have allowed us to easily hide superfoods in Apollo’s diet, without modifying the overall texture/taste of the shake. We believe, whole heartedly, that Apollo consuming Orgain® products is the only the reason he is healthy. Not only does Apollo love these products, but Justin and I do as well!

In August 2019, after purchasing Orgain® products every single month for 3 years, I became an Orgain Ambassador® and I am THRILLED to have the opportunity to share these amazing products with YOU!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! Ambassador links/codes are the best deal you can get off of the Orgain® website.

Shop With Me https://www.orgain.com/?rfsn=2998743.8cea87

Promo Code: AMBASSADOR8025  (for 30% off your first purchase)                            

Thank you for joining me!


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, and do not pretend to be one on the internet. The content on this page is entirely based on my own opinions and experiences. Please discuss all healthcare modifications with your doctor prior to making them.

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